What would it take to make you fall in love with, to make a commitment to and to give a bold, loud YES to the tiny house way of living? We believe it will take the ultimate proposal - a beautiful synergy of form, function and freedom.

Today 54% of the world’s population of 7.5 billion people lives in major cities and while we urbanites work hard, the majority of us can’t afford to buy a second home. We love a great escape on weekends and holidays. We fantasize about a home outside the city, at our favorite vacation spot, being on the beach or deep in the woods. But the realities of renovation costs, annual maintenance, and hefty down payments keep us from fulfilling this dream. 

Klein’s tiny houses are designed by leading architects from around the globe and experts in automation, water consumption and solar power to ensure a beautiful, fully reliable and self-powered home. Together, we will create a diverse collection of small homes for you to customize online, choose your favorite materials, furnish, function and leave the rest to us! 

Klein’s mission is to give you the possibility of combining city life with owning a sustainable tiny house designed with the utmost care for living quality and built with the highest standard of craftsmanship.